The Ned Application

The Ned application helps you manage your prostate cancer by showing you your prostate specific antigen (PSA) results and by allowing you to report your symptoms (completed Wellness Surveys) electronically to your doctor.

Your doctor will be able to access this information to make more personalized decisions for your follow-up care. You will be able to access your lab results and symptoms data, allowing both you and your doctor to track your health.

The Ned app for mobile and desktop

The Ned Clinic

The Ned application is the main tool that is used while you are enrolled in the Ned Clinic. The Clinic uses the information from the Ned application as part of your routine follow-up appointments, allowing you to continue your care from home.

You will still be a patient of your specialist’s clinic and will still be able to contact your care team with any questions or concerns. You will also be able to return to phone appointments or in-person visits if you or your doctor feel they are needed. The Ned Clinic is simply a way to communicate your progress to your doctor and receive timely feedback without needing to schedule virtual visits for each routine follow-up appointment.

This is an image of the stages of the Ned Clinic. These stages are described in the User Guide.

Please refer to the user guide for a more detailed overview